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Access, locate and restore backed up data to your local computer from anywhere

View backed up files and folders

  • Login to your IDrive account via any browser. Drives where your data is stored are displayed. The same folder structure, as on your local computer is maintained.
  • Click to expand the drive name contents to view your backed up files and folders.

You can restore backed up data in the following ways:

Restore any backed up file


  • Click the file that you want to restore to your local computer.
  • To restore any older version of a backed up file, click on the 'Version' icon.
  • Provide the 'Encryption Key' (required only once for a session). In case you had opted for the default key, you can directly restore files to your local computer.

Search backed up files and folders

In the 'Search' box, provide the name of the file or folder that you wish to find in your account.