The Dashboard

The dashboard is an at-a-glance view of your IDrive account. You can view, manage, and monitor your IDrive account activities from the dashboard.

Remotely manage your computer with robust reporting tools in near real-time response.

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IDrive Dashboard makes it easier than ever for IT Managers, Administrators, and families to check on the health of their backups.

With the Dashboard you can:


new user accounts, organize them into groups, and perform various user-oriented operations.


your account activities, monitor data backups on the remote computers, and do much more.


information about all the users, each user's storage utilization, and the most recent backup performed by them with the results.

Make changes

to the backup sets, settings, and schedules across all the devices with the push of a button.

Remotely install

The dashboard helps you remotely upgrade to the latest version of IDrive on any distant computer.


Admin can generate Device Status, User Backup, and Backup Activity Report. The Device Status and Backup Activity Report can also be scheduled and emailed to multiple recipients.


Create policies with required settings and push them to any particular group of users.


Explore the Dashboard

View the devices attached to your account and change settings for more than one device.

Users and Groups

Create new user accounts within your storage space and define their encryption type (private or default).

  • Create a large number of user accounts in one go. Manage and push settings to users, by organising them into groups.
  • Invite your associates to set up an IDrive account within your storage space.
  • Edit, block, and delete users from the account, as and when required.


Through the 'Computers' tab look at all the devices attached to your account in one screen.

  • Manage data backups of all the users via the Dashboard.
  • Check the most recent backup, and whether or not the backup was successful.
  • Remotely manage the device settings, its backup set and schedule.
  • Maintain a maximum count of five computers per user (there is no enforced limit) for best performance and reliability.


Change settings for more than one device quickly. The 'Settings' tab gives the power to globally update settings.

  • Modify the backup sets and schedules.
  • Create policies with required settings, add groups, and push them instantly to groups.
  • Admin can lock the particular settings for groups or users. The users or groups cannot modify those settings, till the Admin unlocks it.

An overview of the Dashboard

  • Users and Groups

    Add and invite users to your account; edit, block, and delete users; create groups of users, move them between multiple groups, and push settings.

  • dashboard


    Manage your data backups, restore files / folders to the corresponding computers, modify application settings, view logs, and do much more on each of your connected computers.

  • Dashboard

    Manage backups and more, on your far-away computers via web console.

  • Add Users And Groups

    Create new user accounts and propagate settings to users by organising them into groups.

  • Mobile Backup

    Backup contacts, photos, videos from your iOS and Android mobile devices.