Entire Machine Backup

Backup the entire system directly to the cloud or to a local drive, and enable easy entire machine restore in the event of a disaster.

Secure your computers with Entire Machine Backup

Backup the entire system, including the operating system, program files, system files, and boot files directly to the cloud, with IDrive’s Entire Machine Backup. Backup of the system and boot files ensures that the operating system works normally when it's restored.

Machine backup to the cloud does not involve creating a local backup copy. So the backup process is faster and eliminates the need for any additional storage requirement. As the entire machine backup secures all the data of the computer, you can quickly restore your computer to its initial state in the event of a disaster. You can also recover individual files and folders from entire machine backup.

Entire Machine Backup

Using the IDrive desktop application, backup your system drives, programs, and operating system.

View steps to backup your entire machine to the IDrive account.

Entire Machine Restore

Quickly restore system data, including the operating system, to the local computer or any external drive.

View steps to restore your machine from the IDrive account.

Protect your organization's data with secure online backups

Starts at $99.50/year $74.62 for first year



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