Nurturing Young Businesses

IDrive Ventures is a private venture fund focused on young startups that need funding to scale up their business.

Our goal is to identify and support promising early-stage companies.

Investment Focus Investment Focus

Investment Focus

We invest in DISRPUTIVE emerging technologies to get market traction and help them scale up to the next level, with Seed and Series A funding. IDrive Ventures focuses on sectors like consumer applications, cloud computing, security, energy or renewable resources, Bio-design, Bio-tech, AI and Machine Learning to grow their business and establish their products.

A special field of interest is investment in technologies that help developing countries like India and Brazil.


The IDrive Ventures team includes managers at IDrive Inc. who are industry veterans with expertise in cloud technology, mobile industry, finance, liberal arts and social media, and have proven abilities to mentor emerging talents.

Based in Los Angeles, IDrive Ventures is lead by Raghu Kulkarni, Founder and CEO of IDrive Inc. who is a pioneer in the cloud storage arena, and has lead IDrive online backup to be one of the top players in the online backup space. Since launching in the early 2000s, IDrive has grown to become a profitable, self-sustaining force in the cloud with over 3 million users worldwide, storing over 100 Petabytes of customer data.

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