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Referral Partner Program

Refer IDrive and earn a 25% commission on qualifying revenues from all paid signups, through the life of the account

Refer IDrive® BMR *

Recommend IDrive's onsite bare-metal disaster recovery solution and earn a one-time 25% commission on signups

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Referral Program

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    Join IDrive's free referral program.

  • Promote

    Have your customers sign up for IDrive Cloud Backup or Bare-Metal Recovery, using the provided unique links.

  • Get Paid

    Earn quarterly revenues through the life of all paid IDrive signups. Also, earn a one-time commission for all IDrive BMR signups.*

  • Relax

    IDrive manages customer service and back-office support for you.

Bulk Reseller Program

Purchase storage space in bulk and resell to customers at a price you determine. Customize the application with your brand logo

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Bulk Reseller Program

  • Resell Storage

    Buy storage in bulk, create sub-accounts, and resell at prices you determine.

  • Co-branding

    Integrate your company logo onto the IDrive application, for greater brand recognition!

  • Manage

    View users storage space, and control your billing options.

  • Tech Assistance

    For all technical issues or questions, IDrive provides comprehensive support.

Have more questions? Talk to our reseller specialist.

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* This is applicable for partner accounts created on or after 15 May 2020 and IDrive BMR signups that have completed the 30-day cancellation period

1 855 410 2116

Business Days: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST
  • Partnership Program

    Earn recurring revenues by referring IDrive or by reselling our cloud storage space

  • IDrive® BMR

    Complete system protection with easy restores via onsite BMR server

  • Referral Program

    Refer IDrive and its products to earn qualifying revenues quarterly