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Protect Your Business With IDrive Cloud Backup

March 25, 2019

Data can be lost easily due to a number of factors such as malicious software, system crash, theft, accidental deletions and so on. Moreover, you cannot predict when this happens, and in a matter of seconds you could lose the entire repository of data. Therefore, you need effective data protection such as cloud backup to protect your valuable information.

Unlike traditional storage solutions like tape storage, cloud backup is more economical and easily scalable. If you use tape-based storage, you would require several tapes to backup all of your data. This would take up a lot of time, processes and would cost more too. Online backup solutions, on the other hand, provide you with robust data protection at an affordable price.

Online backup solutions can be used by both individual users as well as businesses. IDrive cloud backup solution for business can help protect huge volumes of data stored in multiple computers, mobile devices, servers and even NAS devices in one account.

Robust Security with IDrive Cloud Backup
IDrive cloud backup is bound by military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data. Furthermore, IDrive cloud backup offers an optional private key, which is known only to you. Your data, therefore, cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties but only by you at all times.

IDrive’s data centers are custom designed with raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones and seismically braced racks. Additionally, state-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems, motion sensors, 24/7 secured access, video camera surveillance and security breach alarms are also included for robust security of your data.

What are the benefits offered by IDrive online backup?

  • Multiple Device Backup via IDrive Online Backup - You can backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices into a single account. Additionally, data from mapped drives can also be backed up. This makes it easier for you to organize your data in your cloud account.
  • Server Backup - Secure your data from running databases and servers like MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Hyper-V, MS SharePoint Server, Oracle Server and Linux Servers. This way your business can be running without any downtime.
  • NAS Backup - Protect your NAS devices – Asustor, QNAP, Synology, and Netgear – using your IDrive online backup account.
  • IDrive® Thin Client via IDrive Online Backup - You can use the thin client application with minimal GUI to perform backup, restore or manage settings, via the web console.
  • Manage Computers via IDrive Online Backup - Remotely manage your computers through data backups, restores, and more, via the web console.
  • Sub-accounts / Single Sign-On via IDrive Online Backup - Use your storage space to create multiple accounts and monitor backups from a single administrator console. With SSO, sub-account users can access IDrive by signing in to a central identity provider.

What other features are provided by IDrive cloud backup?

  • IDrive Express - Eliminate time lags during large data transfers to the cloud, by directly transferring data via physical shipment of an external storage device - without any bandwidth consumption.
  • IDrive® Snapshots - Get a historical view of your data for point-in-time recovery and thereby stay protected against ransomware.
  • Online File Sync - Stay updated on all changes such as file modifications; and instantly sync to all linked devices and your cloud account. All your files and folders will be synced in real time across all devices that you link using IDrive.
  • True Archiving - Your data is not deleted from your IDrive online account until you manually delete it or run 'Archive Cleanup' to match your account data to the data on your backed up devices.

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Here's what the experts say:

You won't find a better overall online backup service than the full-featured IDrive, especially for the price. – Michael Muchmore

Support for the majority of common server applications. Free backup seeding service. Excellent security. – Daniel Brame, June 2018

IDrive's versatile and easy-to-use platform is packed with features and different ways to back up, store and recover your company's data, which is why we named it our best pick for small businesses. – Andreas Rivera, June 2018

IDrive is best for anyone who has multiple machines to back up. – Sean Riley, May 2018

Online backup for the person who wants everything; Backup, storage, sharing, local backup... IDrive does just about everything. – Jon L.Jacobi

IDrive Express is a common-sense solution to time-consuming backups. – Michael S.Lasky

All of the data is encrypted client-side using 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key, unusual security feature for syncing services. – Frederic Lardinois

IDrive Express
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