IDrive Express

Speed up your online backup!

  • Request a drive

    Sign up for an account or,
    if you already have one,
    request a drive

  • Backup data to the drive

    1. 1. Plug in the drive
      and launch the IDrive application
    2. 2. Go to 'Local Backup' tab and in
      'Local backup location' select the drive
    3. 3. Select the files for backup
      and click 'Backup Now'
  • Return the drive

    1. 1. Once backup is
      complete, click the 'Restore' tab
      and confirm that everything is backed up
    2. 2. Repackage the drive and the USB cord
      into the box
    3. 3. Attach the return label and mail it
  • Data upload complete!

    Once the drive arrives,
    your data is securely
    uploaded to your cloud account!
    Continue with incremental backups

Backup or retrieve several gigabytes of data, within a week, using physical shipment of temporary storage devices. On request, IDrive ships you a hard drive of up to 3 TB. All you need to do is use Local Backup from the IDrive application and securely backup or restore all of your data from the hard drive and return the drive to IDrive.

Why IDrive Express™?

  • Quickly transfer large amounts of data (up to 3 TB) to your online account, in just a week or less.
  • Data is kept safe throughout the process using military grade 256-bit AES encryption with the option for a private key. For ensuring utmost security, along with file data encryption, IDrive does file path encryption too.
  • Once the data is transferred to your online account, you can continue with incremental backups.
  • No bandwidth usage during data transfers.
  • For your Servers and Databases - get faster data backups and quick data restores.

* This service comes FREE for Express Backup, once a year for Personal users and thrice yearly for Business users. Subsequent backup requests will be subject to the $59.95 charge. Express Restores will be charged $99.50 per request.

This service includes free return shipping for customers within the USA. Express orders shipped outside the United States may have additional shipping costs. Upon placing the order, our team will provide a shipping quote that will be charged separately.

IDrive application

Download and install the application to securely transfer your data from your computer to the temporary storage device shipped to you from IDrive.



Released on 11/27/2014



Released on 11/26/2014

IDrive Express for Linux distros

Backup your Linux server using the command line utility to your IDrive Express device.

How does it work?

Once you receive the temporary storage device, securely transfer all your data using IDrive's Local Backup and ship the device back to us.

We will transfer your data from the device onto IDrive's primary storage devices. You can then proceed with incremental backups through the online backup process.

Note: You must not use 'Disk Image Backup' for the IDrive Express service.

Once you request for the retrieval of data, most recent version is taken from the IDrive servers and saved to a temporary storage device. It is then shipped to you.

All you need to do is plug the drive into your computer via the USB cable and restore your data to your system using the IDrive application. You must return the storage device that we send you after you restore your data.

Note: This service is not available for accounts created prior to 10-31-2011

For more details call us at 1-866-748-0555


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