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Multiple accounts, within your space

Sub-account – Create Multiple Accounts within Your Storage Space

Cloud services have become the core protection strategy in the Internet world for individuals and businesses that have chunks of data to be stored and protected. The popularity of this process stems from its affordability linked with storing data off-site, easy to use and reliability.

However, if you have been staying away from trying online storage, just because you don’t have much to protect – we say it’s a big mistake. We understand not everybody needs the entire storage space of an online account, but protecting whatever you have is always a fool-proof way to stay protected in an event of a theft, fire, hardware problems, accidental deletion or a natural disaster.

But what am I going to do with the additional space? You ask

This is exactly why we have the Sub-accounts feature. IDrive brings a unique feature known as Sub-accounts that helps businesses to share their cloud storage space with their associates, business departments or personal contacts, without letting anyone access each other’s files.


If you sign up for an IDrive business account, you can create unlimited Sub-accounts, within your storage space and monitor them using a centralized administrative console, which gives you the overview of all your Sub-accounts at a glance! Here, you can allocate space, monitor activities and view backup reports without having access to any of your Sub-account user’s files. This maintains their privacy as well.

Is It Secure?

You don’t have to worry at all about sharing your storage space with others, because neither they nor you can access each other’s files. Data is highly secure during storage and transit using military grade 256-bit AES encryption. By creating unlimited accounts from your storage space and managing them through a centralized interface, the need for an additional online account is eliminated. Furthermore, you get summarized backup status of all your Sub-accounts for all linked devices.

Monitor Data transfers

The data transfer summary option helps you get a summarized status of data transfers in your Sub-accounts, for all linked computers and mobile devices. You can also have detailed logs that help you know your data transfer activities for the last 7 days.

View Activity Logs

View Sub-account user activities like login/logout, file operations including upload, download, share etc.

Multiple Device Protection

Protect multiple PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices into a single IDrive account. Once your data is on the cloud, you can access all your files from any web browser, computer, or mobile device! This makes it easier for you when you are travelling and need to access files immediately.

Cost Effective

The Sub-account feature is also an economical way to utilize your online storage space. You don’t have to buy additional account for each individual, but just share your storage space with them. With an overview of all your Sub-accounts space usage, it makes it easier to re-distribute space given to your associates.

Sign up with IDrive to explore Sub-accounts!

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