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Your Data Is Important – Protect It!

Our laptops, PC's and mobile devices have turned into virtual treasure boxes, where we store our wealth of critical information – personal files, confidential data, precious photographs and every other irreplaceable item, which we under no circumstances are willing to lose. Unfortunately, most of us realize the importance of backing up really late, and end up losing data sometime or the other.

While you can argue that all the physical components of your computer are insured, should there be a theft or fire, you can’t say the same for the critical files inside it. Can you? There are no federal agencies where you can report loss of files and no professional team in the world has been formed, to fight and bring your lost files back to you. But, if there is somebody on earth who is solely dedicated to protecting your precious data and helping you recover it, in the event of any disaster – it’s an online backup service!

What Is An Online Backup?

Online backup is a process, by which you store a copy of your critical files at an off-site location via internet, with the help of an online backup service provider. The obvious benefit here is – your files are completely safe and ready to access, should there be a disaster, like a theft, hardware failure, natural disaster or an accidental deletion.

IDrive online backup is a one stop solution to backup all of your PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Facebook pictures into a single account! We cater to individuals and small businesses with backup requirements they need the most.

How Does It Work?

Online backup is not complicated at all. Getting started is just a matter of 3 steps:

  • Buy an online backup plan according to your requirement.
  • Install IDrive on your computer.
  • Tell us what folders, drives or files you want to backup.

You have to do this only once. After the initial backup, any changes, deletion or addition you do to the backed up files, are all automatically backed up instantly. IDrive’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) instantly and continuously backs up files/folders (up to 500 MB in size), while you are working on them. IDrive also gives you a scheduler with which you can create a timetable for you backups and ensure all your large files and folders are backed up automatically.

Is it safe?

IDrive offers secure data transfer and storage using military grade 256-bit AES encryption, with the option for private key encryption, known only to you. This means, your data cannot be accessed by unauthorized users under any circumstances. Also, your data is stored in world-class facilities that has state-of-the-art smoke detection, fire suppression systems, motion sensors, 24/7 secured access, video camera surveillance and security breach alarms.

We leave no stones unturned to keep your data safe!

Signup with IDrive now and explore all the other features we have for you!

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