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NAS Protection

IDrive – Backup Your Personal Cloud to Our Cloud!

Network Attached Storage (commonly abbreviated as NAS) wasn’t a common name to many until in the recent past, when people started using it in their homes and offices for connecting in ways that were unimaginable sometime ago!

Recently few publishers addressed NAS as ‘Personal Cloud’ for its ability to centrally share storage space and access files while you travel. There are many who think NAS as a backup device for protecting their data. Actually it is not! Though these devices can be used as backup servers to store data from multiple devices rather than buying external USB drives individually, they stay far apart from giving you data reliability during data disasters. The irony is that, just like your computers are prone to disasters, your NAS devices too are! To cover up the chances of losing your data from NAS devices, you will need to safeguard data to an offsite location. The most economic and easy way to safeguard your data to an offsite location is the cloud solution. Now IDrive can not only backup your computers, mobiles and social media data to the cloud, but also QNAP, Synology and Netgear files.

Backing up your NAS data to IDrive

IDrive lets you to backup your NAS devices in two ways – using IDrive desktop app or using IDrive NAS app.

If you choose to backup your NAS using your IDrive desktop app, add your NAS device as a mapped device on the computer running the IDrive app, and add this drive to the backup set. With the next backup running, your NAS data gets protected to our cloud!

If you choose to protect your NAS device using the second method, you will need to install IDrive application for the respective NAS model (QNAP, Synology or Netgear). This can be downloaded from our website for FREE! On installing the application, you can conveniently backup your data to our cloud. You also have options to receive notification on scheduled job completion via emails, and track your account activities through the logs.

How Secure Is Your NAS Data On Our Cloud?

There’s no question of security arising when you decide to protect data using IDrive! IDrive has best-in-class military grade 256-bit AES encryption during transfer and storage with an optional private key. The optional private key is nowhere saved on IDrive’s server which keeps the privacy of your data restricted to you!

That’s not all. You can benefit a lot more using IDrive’s cloud service. Sign up and explore!

Special Note on prior version of IDrive for Windows and Mac