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NAS Protection

Cloud Protection for Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

Your storage needs increase day by day with the increasing number of devices that you possess, and the growing businesses that you own. There is a limit to what you can store on your network, which forces you to think of an alternate storage mechanism. With the dropping hard disk price, and the ease to manage NAS devices, people tend to buy more of these devices to protect their personal and business data. Not just that, the RAID configurations on NAS devices significantly decreases your risk of hard disk failure and subsequent data losses.

Why does NAS device need cloud storage?

If a tornado, earth quake, tsunami, hurricanes or simply a fire destroys your site; your data will be lost no matter what way you configured your storage disks. Those are situations when you need data available elsewhere, for availability during disaster recovery. The most economic and easy way to safeguard your data to an offsite location is the cloud solution. Now IDrive can not only store your computers and mobile data to the cloud, but also QNAP and Synology files.

The IDrive Solution

A data protection strategy with onsite and offsite storage capability helps in enhancing the recovery capability to multiple times. That’s why, IDrive has NAS data protection solution for QNAP and Synology, which works impeccably and provides a reliable and cost efficient cloud storage service.

QNAP and Synology Apps for transferring files to your account

IDrive has separate QNAP and Synology apps that must be installed on respective NAS devices for safeguarding data. To do so, you must download the application from our website and install it on to the NAS device and start transferring your data to our cloud.

Backing up your NAS device to IDrive’s cloud protects your data in an affordable, secure and easy manner. With the IDrive QNAP and Synology app, you can schedule automatic transfers and restore jobs, perform manual transfer and restores, receive email notifications on completion of all scheduled data transfer operations and also view log details.

What’s more?

  • Military grade data security using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Easy and confidential data sharing via a single secure link.
  • Centralized and easy management mechanism for data from all your devices.
  • Anytime, anywhere access via any web browser.
  • Up to 10 versioning of backed up files for point-in-time recovery.

To secure your QNAP and Synology data, all you need is an IDrive account to start with. Sign up with IDrive and safeguard your storage boxes as well!

Special Note on prior version of IDrive for Windows and Mac