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Unlimited Device Protection

IDrive - A Single Storage for All Your Devices

You delete a file and realize that you need it! It happened to most of us. When your data is scattered across many devices, you tend to clean them up with little or no care. Sometimes such mass deletions are followed by realization that you needed some files that are deleted. You might get frustrated if such mistakes happen. But if you have backed up your valuable files from all your devices, you need not panic! You can recover them when needed.

Is backing up all your devices that easy? Not at all! All these files together can take a lot of effort, and doesn’t make sense if you have to back them up on different drives. To overcome this challenge, IDrive’s cloud solution is built such that you can put all your files, of any size, from multiple devices in one place!

Multiple Device Protection

It doesn’t matter how many devices you use to store data, IDrive can back up unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices into a single account, at one price. In addition, data from mapped drive can also be backed up to your account. All you need is an IDrive account, with which you can login from any number of devices to protect your data to the cloud.

Once your data is on the cloud, you can access all your files from any web browser, computer, or mobile device! This makes it easier for you when you are travelling and need to access files immediately.

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows – Securing the data on your PCs are made easy with IDrive’s Scheduler. IDrive’s server protection feature supports protection of servers and databases like MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, MS Share Point Server, Oracle Server, Hyper-V, System State and also mapped drives.
  • Mac – IDrive accounts created since late 2011 are cross platform compatible between your Windows and Macintosh computers. This means, data sent to the cloud from a PC can be restored to a Mac and vice versa. IDrive’s Mac application supports cloud storage of Time Machine Backup by keeping your cloud account in sync with your Time Machine data. Therefore, IDrive cloud solution is a complementary solution to your inbuilt data protection.
  • Linux – Sending your Linux data to your cloud account is done using command line utility or scripts. The Data Centre Edition in IDrive lets you to connect to your Linux servers from anywhere via web browser, and securely backs up data without any scripts! Not just that, it has a browser based GUI which enables you to connect to remote Linux servers via any computer or mobile device.
  • Mobile Apps – Send your contacts, photos, videos, calendar events on iOS, along with SMS, call logs and apps, from iOS, Android and Windows phone devices to your cloud account.

Additional Benefits

  • Military Grade Security – Your files are encrypted with military grade 256-bit AES encryption with an option for a private key, known only to you. This makes your files highly secure.
  • Easy and Safe Share – You can not only access your files on your IDrive account, but also share them via email, Facebook or twitter over a single secure link.
  • Organized Data Storage – IDrive creates a unique folder with the name of the device, you have used to store data. This makes your account more organized and easy to access files.
  • Multiple Versioning – retain up to 10 previous versions of all files backed up to your account.

Backing up your files from multiple devices is no more a tough task! Sign up with IDrive to explore more!

Special Note on prior version of IDrive for Windows and Mac