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Multiple Device Backup

We built IDrive to backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices into a single account.

In addition, data from mapped drives can also be backed up.

IDrive Express

Quick backup and retrieval of your data up to 3 TB in less than a week via physical storage shipment, ensuring no bandwidth usage.

Hybrid Backup with IDrive Wi-Fi

A secure local storage for all of your important files, with speedy backups and restores! This is a perfect complement to your cloud backup.

Security and Privacy

Transfer and store your files with 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers.

Online File Sync

Your files and folders will be synced in real time across all the devices that you link using IDrive.


Incremental and compressed backups will ease your network bandwidth by transferring the modified portions of a file.

Real Time Backup

IDrive automatically recognizes the modified parts of files and backs them up in real-time.

Share Anything

Share your files/folders via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Go Mobile

Access files backed up from PCs and Macs or synced from connected devices; protect your mobile data with our apps for iOS and Android.

Remote Manage

From any browser, you can access your backed up files, manage your backup set and its schedule, and view backup logs.

Facebook backup

Now you can easily backup Facebook photos and videos uploaded by you or tagged by your friends.

Instagram backup

Backup all photos and videos, you share using Instagram. A single IDrive account can secure files from any number of Instagram accounts.

Retrieve Data

Search and restore files from the desktop application or via any browser; provision to recover deleted files from Trash within a period of 30 days.

True Archiving

No data is deleted from your IDrive online account until you manually delete or run 'Archive Cleanup' to match your computer data to your account.

Stay Informed

Activity reports, backup status reports, share reports - all keep you informed.

IDrive Rewind

A new software feature that can restore an earlier version of a batch of files, all at once.

Business Features

Server Backup

Secure online backups for running databases and servers - For MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Hyper-V, MS SharePoint Server, Oracle Server and Linux Servers.

DataCenter Edition

Securely backup data from your Linux servers with a browser based graphical interface. You no longer have to work with scripts and command line.

Disk Image Backup

Backup entire drive with ease - create a complete copy of the original drive, in terms of data and information structure.


Create multiple accounts using your storage space and monitor backups from a single administrator console.

Multiple Express Transfers

Get free data transfer, 3 times a year for quick backup of up to 3 TB business data via IDrive Express™.

Business Compliance

IDrive assists business to comply with regulations like HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and SEC/NASD.

Premier Installation

Get assistance to backup all your business computers to IDrive.

Protect your Photos and Videos

IDrive – Photography Is Your Art, Protection is ours!

Photos and videos are inevitable part of some people’s lives, though not for others! Photographs inform, thrill, amaze and entertain if presented in the right manner. Many people have photography as their hobby and a few as a career. It’s really challenging to have photography as one’s profession, as this has great commercial value and scope. The opportunities as a photographer is much more than you might have thought of - photo journalism, fashion photography, wildlife photography, forensic photography, scientific photography, industrial photography are few in the top list.

It’s really challenging to capture the right stills at the right time, as no photograph can be recaptured at any cost! So the effort in producing great photographs is simply inevitable. For example, a press photographer covering a major disaster such as a plane crash, a burning ship or some other accident, may have captured rare stills that are not available anywhere. That’s when he cannot lose his precious piece of work that may cost huge dollars in the press market. These photographs need to be protected using a proper storage strategy, preferably a cloud solution as they are economical and scalable.

IDrive’s cloud solution makes data protection simpler, quicker and much efficient than its competitors.

How can you benefit from IDrive?

  • There’s No Limit to the Devices That You Can Protect!

    With IDrive, you can transfer data from all your PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices into a single account. That makes IDrive the most cost effective secure online solution with plans starting at less than $5 a month for 1 TB of storage. Most other cloud storage services charge per computer or device, but with IDrive, you can protect endless devices if there’s enough space available on your cloud. So all your data like music, photos, videos, mobile data, databases, servers, social media, and so on, can be stored on your cloud space, at one price.

  • Uncompromising Security

    IDrive has military grade security measures to ensure utmost security of your data! Your entire folders, transferred to your cloud account, are protected with 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key. This is a unique key that is not stored anywhere in IDrive’s servers; that means no one but you will have access to your files.

    IDrive’s data centre is located in the US with world-class facility for physical security of your data. Your data in IDrive’s cloud undergoes periodic audits to check for known application and service vulnerabilities to ensure complete security of your network. Not just that, all the data backed up to your cloud resides on RAID configured storage arrays, for redundancy in case of disk failures. So there is hardly any chance of losing your data in IDrive.

  • Social Media Data Protection

    All your photos whether professional or personal, they get mostly showcased through social media such as Facebook and Instagram for publicity and sharing among your friends. Similarly, you could also be tagged in some of the photos that belong to them. So safeguarding your social media files are as important as safeguarding your local files. Facebook has inbuilt feature to download photos and videos, but doesn’t have option to protect the ones you are tagged in. What if a friend unfriends you, untags you, or deletes their account? Those tagged photos and videos will be lost forever. That’s why you need them backed up to your cloud account to stay away from the fear of losing.

    IDrive’s social media protection helps you to safeguard your photos and videos from Facebook and Instagram by sending them to our secure cloud storage, for availability in case of data disasters.

  • Mobile Data Protection

    IDrive allows you to store your contacts, photos, videos, calendar events on iOS, along with SMS, call logs and apps, from your Android, iOS and Windows phone device to your cloud account.

    The ‘Auto camera upload’ on your phone enables you to automatically upload all the photos and videos you have on your phone to your cloud space. You also have an option to selectively choose files that need to be protected.

There’s more you can explore with IDrive. Signup and stay protected!

... and it's getting better every day!

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