High-performing onsite bare-metal disaster recovery solution

Powered by Intel® NUC hardware with robust software, tailor-made for small businesses

For small businesses, losing even just a small fraction of data can be a real disaster and cripple operations. If you need full system backup for 1 to 5 Windows computers or Servers, IDrive Cube may be best suited for your needs. In case of a disaster such as a computer crash or a ransomware attack, recover entire system or run the machine virtually on the Cube device, in minutes. While other processes or methods of data recovery may take days or weeks, especially if the data is on the cloud, with IDrive Cube get operations up and running in no time.

Two-tier Protection

Data is stored locally on the Cube and a secondary repository can be created on the IDrive Cloud.#

File-level Restore

Restore your entire computer including the OS or just restore individual files as required.

Protection Against Ransomware

Use Snapshot-based image restore for point-in-time recovery; your best defense against ransomware.

Centralized Web Console

Access the Cube server to manage backups, configure settings, review statistics and so on through a centralized web console.


  • KVM-based Virtualization
  • VMware Backup and Recovery
  • WinRE Recovery
  • Cloud Replication
  • Deduplication

Cube Specification

  • Processor Intel® NUC i5
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Storage 2 TB SSD 6 TB Virtual Storage*
  • Cloud Replication# 2 TB
  • Processor Intel® NUC i7
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Storage 4 TB SSD 10 TB Virtual Storage*
  • Cloud Replication# 4 TB
Available only in the US

Looking for an affordable custom-made solution that offers robust protection for your business data? Get IDrive Cube.

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* Average effective storage based on advanced deduplication supported by IDrive's storage software. Actual results may vary based on various factors.

# Cloud replication requires appropriate configuration and connectivity.

  • IDrive Cube

    Disaster recovery in minutes!

  • Cloud Replication

    Transfer local backups to IDrive

  • Virtualization

    Apply settings for BMR server and schedule backups

  • Web Console

    Monitor backup status and activities remotely

  • Restore

    Restore your entire computer including OS

  • Settings

    Apply settings for BMR server and schedule backups