Learn more about IDrive BMR with video tutorials on virtualization, BMR server management, settings and more. For more information, refer FAQs.

  • IDrive BMR

    Backup entire hard drive including operating system (OS) and application configuration to the BMR server just by installing agent software

  • Virtualization

    Create up to four virtual instances of your backed up machines on the BMR server and maintain high availability in case of a disaster

  • Centralized Web Console

    Monitor backup status remotely through the centralized web console via statistics and log reports

  • Cloud Replication

    Transfer data stored on IDrive BMR server to your cloud account. Schedule cloud replication and monitor status through centralized console.

  • Restore

    Restore entire data using a pre-configured boot CD or USB drive or even restore individual files as required

  • Cloud Manage

    Manage local BMR appliance from anywhere, without the need of being on the same network as the BMR server.

  • Settings

    Configure mail server, schedule image backups, apply network settings, and perform power operations of BMR server.

  • Unboxing

    Easily unbox BMR server and set it up on your network with the provided hardware components.

  • Setup

    Setup BMR server by changing the settings, schedule local backups and manage the network settings of BMR server in a few simple steps.

  • Management

    Manage IDrive BMR server using reporting tools, and monitor the health status of raid devices/hard drives of the server.

  • Virtualization

    Virtualize your backed up machines on the IDrive BMR server instantly, without any additional hardware or hypervisor requirement.