Cloud Manage is currently not supported by IDrive® BMR version 7.0.0 and above.

With Cloud Manage, users can access their IDrive BMR server interface from any external network. This provides you with the flexibility to manage your local backup and restore operations, as well as cloud replications of your local backups, from anywhere without having to be on the same network as the BMR device. You can enable / disable this feature anytime via the IDrive BMR server web interface.

Remotely access your BMR server

  • Add your ESXi hosts and vCenter servers for backup

    Enable Cloud Manage

    Log in to your BMR server interface and use the toggle switch to enable 'Cloud Manage' on your BMR server.

  • Recover backed up VMs to the same or a different VM

    Log in to the web console

    Log in to with your BMR credentials. Go to the 'Cloud Manage' tab and click 'Connect'.