Cloud Replication

Information about cloud storage usage, total number of clients backed up to the cloud, number of recent backups and insight about IDrive cloud retention policy are displayed in the 'Cloud Replication' tab. Moreover, you can view the cloud replication status of all your clients too. Client name, amount of data transferred to the cloud, backed up drives, date and time of the last backup, etc. will be displayed in the 'Cloud Replication Status' section.

To view the client wise cloud replication status, click Browse Icon against the required client. Type of the backup (Full/Incremental) and other information will appear.

BMR Server

Remotely manage your backups, create file level restore points, view logs and also monitor the health of devices via the BMR server tab.
Click here to refer steps to connect to BMR server.

By using the server interface, you can manage all aspects of the BMR server from an external network.


Critical information about backup status and activities of the registered clients are displayed in the Dashboard. Besides, you can add clients, initiate and monitor their backup operation, get the overview of the storage space and download the backup agent software. You can also check the health status of the devices via the Dashboard.


View the logs of recent cloud replication activities such as, status of cloud replication, name of client, volume, recovery points, etc. Also, you can see the integrity status of your backups that is replicated in the cloud server.

File restore

Access and restore the files by creating network share to the backed up recovery points. However, in order to access the data, your computer should be on the same network as that of the BMR server.

System health

You can check the individual health status of the devices. Health status can be good, bad or predicted to fail. A unique serial number will be provided to each storage device to identify and replace them if the health status is bad.

IDrive BMR Express

Restore your data from the cloud via IDrive BMR Express - a physical shipment of temporary storage device. On request, the required data will be stored in a temporary hard drive and shipped to you. Click here to refer steps to express restore.