Image Backup Instructions

Startup Guide

The continued success of your business depends on being able to restore your servers to its full capacity quickly. This backup and restore solution gives you fast local access to critical files that reduces downtime in the event of a disaster.

IDrive BMR is an onsite data disaster recovery solution which offers image-based backup of your physical computers and VMware servers along with a host of restore options. This includes bare-metal restore of backed up physical machines, restore of backed up VMs to VMware servers, and file-level restore, enabling granular recovery of data stored on your physical machines and VMware servers.

Furthermore, IDrive BMR can instantly virtualize a local copy of the backed up machine to ensure business continuity. Data redundancy issues can be addressed via Cloud Replication that lets you transfer backups from your BMR server to your cloud account.

Bare-metal restores and onsite disk image backup makes you rest easy knowing that in the event of data loss you are protected. You can restore your entire system along with all its settings at once. There is no need to rearrange data, reinstall software or reconfigure any system or application settings.

Before Getting Started

The following equipments are required to use IDrive BMR:
  • IDrive BMR server and AC power cable (included in the package)
  • Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector (not included in the package)

Physical installation

Unpacking and Inspecting

Upon receiving the shipment, unbox and inspect the IDrive BMR server and other hardware for any physical damage that may have occurred during shipping.

Each shipment/package contains the following:

  1. IDrive BMR server
  2. Rack mounting kit (6TB models and higher)
  3. AC power cable
  4. Product information guide
Installing into the Rack (6TB models and higher)

Follow the racking guide from the below link to properly mount the server.

Setting up IDrive BMR server
  • Connect the power cable and the Ethernet cable to any of the RJ45 connectors at the back of the server to your network switch/router.
  • Connect a monitor to the server and press the power button on the front panel to start the server.
  • The Dashboard will be displayed automatically on the monitor after the server is started.
  • To access the web interface, perform any of the following:

    1. Click the 'Log in' link displayed on the top-right corner of the Dashboard.
    2. Browse the local IP address shown on the Dashboard from the same local network.

      Note: if you are unable to view the IP address on the dashboard, press the 'Refresh' button next to the IP address to get the device IP.

  • Use 'support123' as password for initial log in. Ensure you change the default password from the 'Settings' tab after initial log in to the web interface.

Network settings

Following network ports are to be used for IDrive BMR server and client devices.

For IDrive BMR server

Port Usage Incoming/Outgoing
55414 HTTP web interface Incoming
35623 UDP broadcast for discovery Outgoing

For client devices

Port Usage
35622 UDP broadcasts for discovery
35623 Commands and image backups

What's Next?

After the initial setup, you can now backup your machines. Follow the backup instructions to add your client machines.

Important note:

Ensure weekly inspection of your IDrive BMR appliances by logging into the admin console, to check the backup and hard drive status of the device. Blinking green light on the device indicates that the drives are working fine. Amber light or no light indicates an issue with the drives.*

*This applies to 6TB models or higher.