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AMD device

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2 TB Cube


Unlimited Licenses

  • RAM

    32 GB

  • Physical Storage

    2 TB SATA SSD | 6 TB Effective Storage*

  • Cloud Backup#

    2 TB

4 TB Cube


Unlimited Licenses

  • RAM

    32 GB

  • Physical Storage

    4 TB SATA SSD | 10 TB Effective Storage*

  • Cloud Backup#

    4 TB

7.5 TB Cube


Unlimited Licenses

  • RAM

    64 GB

  • Physical Storage

    7.5 TB SATA SSD | 12 TB Effective Storage*

  • Cloud Backup#

    7.5 TB

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IDrive BMR Cube terms and conditions

IDrive BMR Cube device shipment agreement

  1. IDrive BMR Cube devices are available on a first come first served basis, and while supplies are available.
  2. You must return the IDrive BMR Cube device to IDrive upon cancellation of your account.
  3. Notify IDrive in case of technical issues with the service at
  4. You accept full liability of the IDrve BMR Cube device, its components and accessories, while the device is in your possession.
  5. The IDrive BMR Cube appliance can be shipped within the United States, UK and Canada only.
  6. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the devices you have purchased within 30 days of receiving the item(s) for a full refund.

Pricing Terms

  1. You are enrolling for an automatic renewal service and authorizing a recurring charge to your credit card.
  2. For cloud backup, certain paid accounts are allowed to use cloud backup space beyond the plan quota of 2TB/4TB. This is to ensure uninterrupted backup even when the usage exceeds the quota. However, for usage beyond the quota, there may be an overuse charge at the rate of $120/TB/Month for all IDrive BMR Cube subscriptions. In case your usage exceeds your cloud backup quota, you may upgrade to one of the higher storage plans and avoid overage charges. Upgrades may involve additional charges. We also give you the option to configure your cloud retention policy and delete data from the cloud.
  3. The total includes any applicable overuse, taxes, and fees.
  4. You may contact the IDrive BMR Cube support team to cancel the service at

(30-day evaluation period)

* Average effective storage based on advanced deduplication supported by IDrive's storage software. Actual results may vary based on various factors.

# Cloud backup requires appropriate configuration and connectivity.

Onsite bare-metal disaster recovery solution

  • Perform image-based backup of your computers and virtual machines
  • Secure VMware backup for ESXi hosts and vCenter servers
  • Create NAS and iSCSI network shares within your device storage and secure data with local snapshots
  • Remotely access your IDrive BMR devices from anywhere via the web
  • Perform instant virtualization locally or on the cloud for rapid business recovery
  • Perform WinRE-based bare-metal restores, point-in-time version restores, and file-level restores
  • Maintain a secondary repository of your backups via Cloud replication

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