IDrive® BMR Pro Vs Datto

IDrive BMR provides higher performance and a host of benefits to address all your backup requirements.

IDrive BMR provides high performance and a host of other benefits to address your backup requirements

  • Why IDrive® BMR Pro is better?
  • IDrive® BMR Pro
  • Datto

Better performance*

(30% faster incremental backup and cloud replication)

Hardware specification

(Best-in-class solution with enterprise-grade processor and server-grade hardware configuration)


Backup unlimited computers

(No licensing per computer / VM backup)

(License-based plans allow you to backup only limited computers)

Backup unlimited ESXi hosts / vCenter servers

(No licensing per computer / VM backup)

(License-based plans allow you to backup only limited computers; each VM added for backup from VMware server is charged)


(Up to 30% higher storage efficiency with block-level deduplication)

(Does not use deduplication for storage)

VMware backup

(Unrestricted backup of VMs, irrespective of OS, file system, and disk type)

(Doesn't support agentless backup for spanned volumes, ESXi shared volumes, ReFS file systems, and so on)

VM reconfiguration

(Reconfigure VM without deleting it and thereby prevent loss of data that was added to the VM)

(You need to delete VMs to reconfigure virtual machines, which leads to loss of new data added to the VM instance)

Virtualization platform

(BMR has an ability to upload OS recovery ISO, which can be used to boot up the VM and fix boot issues)

(Doesn't support upload of recovery ISO to resolve VM boot issues)

WinRE recovery

(Perform WinRE restore with a variety of tools, which are reliable and faster than Linux-based restore)

(You can only perform Linux-based ISO restore)

Memory management

(Better memory management during virtualization of physical machines / VMware servers)

(Memory management for virtual instance is not optimal)


(Utilization details of each backed up machine and VM that are created is available)

(Provides limited utilization information)

Free cloud storage

(Free cloud storage space matching the device size; for instance, for a 6TB plan, you get 6TB of cloud space)

(Cloud storage starts at $150/TB/month)

Customer support

(Gold level support: 2 levels of support available - Tier 1 - Phone / Chat support; Tier 2 - Remote Access Support)

(The first-level support is handled by reseller)


(Offers the best of all worlds in terms of hardware specification, cloud storage, and unlimited licenses at a competitive price)

(Costs higher for limited licenses, storage, and hardware)


* 30% faster incremental backup and cloud replication were observed based on internal testing.

# Dedudplication feature is applicable only for accounts created on or after 08/08/2022.