If you are an existing Dropbox user, Switch to IDrive today at 90% off for the first year

The digital world is changing, and you need an online backup and sync plan that changes with it. If your goal is to securely backup and sync your device data to the cloud to prevent data loss, IDrive is your ideal choice. Dropxbox, on the other hand, is only a  syncing service and not a true online backup service – it just allows you to keep your files in sync between devices. IDrive offers both – online backup and Sync – with high security.

Why IDrive is better: IDrive Dropbox
PC Mag Review
"IDrive does just about everything you need an online backup service to do–and more."

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Five-time Editors' Choice Winner! Ratings
4.5 out of 5
2015 - 2019
4 out of 5

Free plan

5 GB Free 2 GB Free

Basic personal plans

Starts at
$69.50 $52.12 first year

2 TB backup + 2 TB sync

Starts at
(You can sync up to 1 TB)

Multiple computer backup with basic plan

Backup unlimited computers - PCs, Macs, and Linux devices to a single account

Does not backup data, it's a data sync service

Snapshot-based restore

Historical view of your data lets you perform point-in-time recovery

Snapshot-based restore is not available

Data sync

Online file sync is available for all plans. Activate Sync and get additional space for sync, equivalent to your backup storage plan for FREE!

File sync is available for all plans

Mobile device backup

Backup contacts, calendar, photos, videos and more with apps for iOS and Android

Mobile app uploads photos, videos, docs, and other files only

Server cloud backup
(SQL, Exchange, Oracle, SharePoint)

Available for all IDrive plans, even for the FREE account

Does not support server backup

True archiving

Data, once backed up, is never deleted even after it is removed from its original location on your computer, unless you delete it manually

Files once deleted from your computer are instantly removed from the cloud and from linked devices

Disk image backup

Backup entire drive on your computer, including operating system, with content and information structure intact

Does not support disk image backup

Create user accounts within your storage space

Available only for business plans

You cannot share your account storage space

Free physical data shipment

IDrive Express is FREE - 1x a year for personal plans and 3x a year for businesses

Does not provide physical data shipment

Data encryption on transfer and storage

Files are transferred and stored encrypted via 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key. Secure 128-bit SSL links are used for all online data transfers.

Files are encrypted with personal 128-bit AES encryption

Private key encryption

A user-defined text string can be used to generate the 256-bit AES encryption key for encrypting all files

Does not support private key encryption


The 90% offer is applicable for the first year only. You need to provide proof of your Dropbox account.

Here's what the experts say:

It's affordable, comprehensively capable, has clients for just about every platform, and was pretty darn fast backing up my data. – Jon L.Jacobi

IDrive Express is a common-sense solution to time-consuming backups. – Michael S.Lasky

You can set your own encryption key for your data, which means extra protection... – Melanie Pinola

All of the data is encrypted client-side using 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key, unusual security feature for syncing services. – Frederic Lardinois


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