Entire Machine Backup - Instructions

Instructions for performing entire machine backup

Instructions for performing entire machine backup

Backup your entire computer – including the OS, system files, boot files, and programs – to secure it against system crash, OS failure, and natural disasters. You can backup your computer directly to the cloud. As the computer is backed to the cloud without creating a local copy, the backup process is faster and does not require any additional storage space.

To perform an entire machine backup,

  1. Launch the IDrive desktop application.
  2. Sign in to your IDrive cloud backup account.
    In case your account is configured with private encryption, you will be prompted to enter the private key. Provide the private key to proceed.
  3. Navigate to 'Entire Machine Backup' via the LHS menu.
  4. Select either 'Cloud Backup' or 'Local Backup', depending on your desired target location. In case of local backup, choose a target hard drive for backing up the computer.
    Note: Entire machine backup to the cloud is direct and does not involve the creation of a local backup copy.
  5. Click 'Schedule Now'. The 'Scheduler' screen appears.
  6. Create an entire-machine-backup schedule that best offers timely data-protection and save the changes.

You can also perform entire machine backup to an Express device.

To perform entire machine backup to an Express device,

  1. Navigate to the 'Backup' tab and select 'Backup files to Local, Wi-Fi or Express device'.
  2. Click . Browse and select the Express device.
  3. Click 'Entire Machine Backup'. The 'Entire Machine Backup' screen is displayed.
  4. Select the 'Local Backup' radio button and click 'Schedule Now'.
  5. Create an entire-machine-backup schedule and click 'Save Changes'.

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