• Get IDrive’s USB drive

    Get IDrive’s USB drive

    IDrive sends you a USB hard drive for you to create a local backup of your data on it

  • Create a local backup of data

    Create a local backup of data

    Store your data on the drive via the IDrive application

  • Ship it for cloud archival

    Ship it for cloud archival

    Ship the USB drive, loaded with your files, back to IDrive for free

  • Your data is archived!

    Your data is archived!

    Your data is safely archived and
    stored securely with IDrive

The IDrive Safe solution

IDrive Safe is a cost effective near-line backup solution for long term cloud archival of bulk data, via physical shipment of USB drives. Your data is secure during transit and storage using the IDrive application, which utilizes 256-bit AES private encryption.

On demand, the archived data can be accessed or retrieved online, within 24 hours of your request. In cases involving monthly backups, the datasets for any of the previous 12 months can be retrieved. For annual backups, datasets for all previous years can be retrieved.

For faster retrieval, you can request for physical shipment of your data.

The IDrive Safe advantages

  • Cloud archival of data at lesser costs, compared to regular backup solutions.
  • Benefits businesses that need to retain bulk data for legal, compliance, and other reasons.
  • Saves time, power, bandwidth, and other data repository costs.
  • IDrive support assists with backup procedure and data retrievals.

The IDrive Safe service includes free return shipping and is available only in the USA.

This service is not available for accounts created prior to 10-31-2011.


Business Days: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST