Today almost every business has files they want to keep archived for future purpose. Whether it is to comply with federal regulations or for internal operational requirements, you need an archival solution that is reliable, affordable and can be accessed anytime you want. With IDrive Nearline you can easily store unlimited amount of data, at a very affordable price and get immediate access through your IDrive online account in just 1 second! Besides, there are no access costs for requests, calls, etc.

Express Solution

We will send you an external USB hard drive or a NAS device. Backup your data via IDrive to the external device, and we bring it back to store them safely on our servers.

Available in a Second

With IDrive, you can store as much data as you want, and get immediate access through your IDrive online account in just 1 second!

Military Grade Security

Your files are highly secure during transit and storage with 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key, known only to you.

Durable Archival Solution

IDrive Nearline is designed to provide 99.99% durability over a given year. Durable and highly available archival solution.

  1. The minimum storage requirement to avail this service is 1 TB. Shipment of data is done via IDrive Express, offered thrice yearly. Subsequent Express backup requests will be subject to the $59.95 charge. Express Restores will be charged $99.50 per request.
  2. The NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices are pre-configured with RAID 5 storage of up to 5 TB and DHCP. You can plug-n-play the NAS device if you have DHCP servers in your LAN, otherwise configure the NAS device to suit your network. IDrive will provide all the necessary authentication information.

Know your Nearline

Request shipment

IDrive sends you an external storage device to create local backup of your data

Create a local backup

Using the IDrive application, store your data on the storage device

Ship the device

Return the device loaded with your data back to IDrive for free

Access in 1 second

Your data can be accessed through IDrive account in just 1 second

Nearline benefits

  • Cloud archival of data at lesser costs, compared to regular backup solutions.
  • Benefits businesses that need to retain bulk data for legal, compliance, and other reasons.
  • Saves time, power, bandwidth, and other data repository costs.
  • IDrive support assists with backup procedure and data retrievals.

IDrive Nearline vs. Google Nearline vs. Amazon Glacier

IDrive Nearline Google Nearline Amazon Glacier
Storage Cost 1¢ /GB/month 1¢ /GB/month 7¢ /GB/month
Response time for data access Instantly (~1 second) ~ 3 second response time 3 – 5 hours
Retrieval Cost $ 0 1¢ /GB $0.050 per 1,000 Upload and Retrieval requests

Starting at $0.01/GB for large retrievals of more than 5% of the storage
Physical data shipment Ship large amount of data via physical shipment through IDrive Express™ NA NA
Backup and Retrieval Client Application
Fully featured IDrive application
for data backups and archival
No specific
application available
No specific
application available
Secure encryption for your files
IDrive does 256 bit AES encryption for
data transfer and storage
No No
Added Cost $ 0


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