IDrive Facebook Backup

Facebook has become an integral part of our social lives. We upload our own pictures and videos while friends tag us in theirs to remind us of shared memories. Facebook provides a way to download photos and videos, but does not include the ones you are tagged in. What if a friend unfriends you, untags you, or deletes their account? Those tagged pictures and videos are gone forever.

IDrive’s Facebook Backup provides a secure, encrypted place to store your Facebook data so you don’t have to worry about losing your memories. All of your Facebook pictures and videos (including the ones you are tagged in) will always be safely backed up to your IDrive account. Facebook Backup also does incremental backups, which means subsequent backups will only backup the new pictures and videos that have been added since the last backup.

Log in to your IDrive account via any web browser. Go to the Social Data Backup tab, select 'Facebook Backup' and then click 'Backup Facebook'. Enter credentials of the Facebook account you wish to backup, click 'Log In' and your job is done!

On the Home screen of the IDrive mobile app, tap 'Backup Facebook'. Enter credentials of the Facebook account you wish to backup, and tap 'Log In'. IDrive backs up all your Facebook photos and videos.

Note: IDrive does not collect or store your Facebook details such as login information and contacts.


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Facebook Backup
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