Backup Microsoft SQL Server

Backup Microsoft SQL Server

Secure backup of your company's running databases; options to schedule backups, receive notifications and view log reports

To backup your MS SQL Server,

  1. Login to the IDrive application and click the ‘Server Backup’ tab.
  2. Under MS SQL Server section, click 'Backup'.
  1. Provide the relevant authentication information when prompted. IDrive provides two modes of MS SQL Server authentication.
  2. Select the database(s) from the list which appears and specify the local backup location.
  3. Select Online Backup or Local Backup radio button, and click Schedule Now.
  1. The ‘Schedule backup’ screen is displayed where you can schedule the backup for any future day and time or perform an immediate backup of the selected databases.

Note: IDrive for Windows allows you to schedule the SQL Server backup for different instances. For easy identification of the SQL Server Backup set, the name of the Backup set will be 'IDSQLServerBkset' followed by the instance name scheduled for backup. Example: If the instance name is 'MJOHN\INSTMJOHN' then the name of the backup job is 'IDSQLServerBkset (MJOHN##INSTMJOHN)'

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