Disk Image Backup Knowledge base

Recovering the Operating System Drive

The Disk Image Backup in IDrive can help you recover from an OS crash within minutes! All you need is,
  • A USB drive with Boot Disk file to boot your computer - Learn, how to create a boot disk.
  • IDrive Disk Image Utility (IDriveDiskImage.exe) - Download IDriveDiskImage.exe and copy it to the USB drive (boot disk) that has the boot files.
  • The Disk Image backup of your Operating System drive, you backed up using IDrive.
Steps to recover your Operating System drive:
  1. Connect your USB drive (boot disk) and start the computer in the WindowsPE environment. A command prompt window appears.
  2. Locate the IDrive Disk Image Utility file, and execute the following command to recover your drive.

IDriveDiskImage.exe if=<disk image backup file path> of=<Volume mount point name of the drive that you would like to recover> bs=4096 count=<size of the image backup file in bytes>

Parameter details:

  • "if" parameter: Disk image backup file path
    Example: if=J:\DiskImage[C].img
  • "of" parameter: Volume mount point name of the drive that you would like to recover. You can use "mountvol" DOS command to list the Volume mount point name of the drive.
    Example: of=\\.\Volume{0c8e873d-4380-48e7-a0cf-c48ebd1be7a5}
  • "bs" parameter: block size.
    Example: bs=4096
  • "count" parameter: Total size of the image backup file in bytes.
    Example: count=92915298305

IDriveDiskImage.exe if=J:\DiskImage[C].img of=\\.\Volume{0c8e873d-4380-48e7-a0cf-c48ebd1be7a5} bs=4096 count=92915298305

Once the code has been executed, restart your computer. You will have recovered the computer’s Operating System from the disk image file.

If you need further assistance, you may contact IDrive Tech support.