• What is Sync?

    A feature of IDrive, which links all of your devices such that the content on all the devices and in your cloud account are always in sync!

    Whenever you modify the synced files, the updates are instantly available on all the linked devices and in your IDrive account!

    Additional Sync space

    IDrive offers you sync storage space – equivalent to your IDrive plan, to assist you with the extra space needed for keeping your significant files in sync!

  • How to activate Sync?

    You need to activate Sync in your IDrive account just once, and thereafter it shall remain active throughout!

    Via desktop app

    On the Sync tab of your IDrive desktop app, click ‘Activate Sync’, and then click ‘Proceed’!

    Via mobile app

    On the Home screen of your mobile app, tap on ‘Sync’ and then tap on ‘Enable Sync’.

    Via web browser

    Simply log into your IDrive account, go to the Sync tab, and click ‘Enable Sync’.

  • Linking devices via Sync

    Once Sync is activated, your mobile devices and your cloud account are linked forever! However, you can link computers selectively – by enabling or disabling Sync from the desktop application.

  • Access synced files!

    You can instantly access the latest version of your synced files from any linked device or IDrive.com!

    Via desktop

    Access the Sync folder on linked computers to view, share, add, delete or modify the synced files. Also retrieve up to 30 previous versions of the synced files!

    Via mobile app

    On the Home screen of IDrive mobile app tap on 'Sync' to view, share, delete, or sync new files to linked devices. You can also select files for offline access!

    Via web browser

    Log into IDrive.com, and from the Sync tab – view, download, share, or sync new files with ease! Access the recently deleted sync files from Sync's Trash!