IDrive Express for Linux

Data Restore

Data Restore

Ensure quick and secure data retrieval from your cloud account to your Linux devices via IDrive Express for Linux. To ensure data security during transit, the most recent version of your files are encrypted and sent to you in a temporary storage device. You can easily restore your files in original format using the IDrive for Linux package.

To perform immediate local restore of your files and folders,

  1. Connect the storage device shipped by IDrive to your Linux machine.
    Note: Make sure that the connected storage device is properly mounted on the Linux machine.
  2. Run the command mentioned below and follow the instructions:
    ./idrive --local-restore

When you run your local restore command, it will reconfirm your restore location and will allow you to change it if required. You can now view the graphical progress bar for your data getting restored. If you want to view the detailed progress bar press '+' and to collapse press '-'.

Linux Screenshot

Once the local restore completes, you can view the summary of operation on-screen and for more details you can view the complete log of operation using ./idrive --logs. You must eject the device from your Linux machine and ship it back to us once data transfer is completed.