Getting started with Linux backup via the web

To initiate backup, all you need to do is setup your Linux servers and machines with the IDrive for Linux package and sign in via the web.

IDrive for Linux

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Steps to add your Linux machine

Sign in via the web

Sign in to the IDrive web interface, and all your connected Linux machines will appear in the Computers tab. Select the Linux machine you wish to backup and remotely configure backup set, manage backup schedules, settings etc. via the centralized web console.

Backup using IDrive for Linux package

Alternatively use IDrive for Linux package to protect your Linux data. After downloading the IDrive for Linux package follow the instructions provided in the readme.txt file or visit our read me page for more information.

Convenient user interface

The web-based console includes features and functionalities that help you easily backup your Linux machines.

GUI-based Backup

Manage your connected computers using the Graphical User Interface (GUI) – an alternative to script-based backups.

  • View any number of Linux machines at one place and manage them remotely.
  • Choose files and create backup set to perform backups.
  • Navigate through the web console with the help of visual elements.

Remotely Manage

View and remotely manage all the computers linked to your account from the 'Computers' tab.

  • Remotely manage backup and restore settings, as well as schedule backups.
  • Check the status of backups like most recent backup, time of backup, etc.
  • Securely manage your Linux machines along with PCs and Macs from the web.

Additional Features

Define backup settings and manage your Linux machines efficiently.

  • Select backup set, perform local backup or backup your files to the IDrive cloud.
  • View activity logs of your account, and update package via the web.
  • Enable Archive Cleanup periodically to delete data that is no longer needed.

An at a glance view of the GUI