Frequently Asked Questions

Does IDrive BMR support agentless backup for Hyper-V machines?

Since Hyper-V is a Windows machine, using IDrive BMR for backup allows you to protect all the VMs too. For a successful bare-metal restore of the Hyper-V machines, ensure that VMs are present locally on the same machine during backup.

Install the backup agent on the Hyper-V machine to add it to the IDrive BMR device and initiate backup.

To install the backup agent on the Hyper-V machine,

  1. Download the backup agent and install it on the VM you want to backup.
  2. You will be prompted with the following options:
    1. Select No (recommended) if you want to automatically connect to any IDrive BMR device on your network.
    2. Select Yes if you want to connect the VM to a specific device. Enter the IP address. This is useful when you want to connect to a specific device in a network having multiple IDrive BMR devices installed.
  3. The IDrive BMR device detects the agent and starts full backup automatically for the first time as per global backup settings.