Network-attached storage platform on the BMR device

Leverage BMR's local storage space to create a scalable Network Attached Storage, without investing in new infrastructure. You can choose to create an object-level datashare via NAS to share data over file-based sharing protocols such as SMB, NFS, AFP, and SFTP. Alternatively, you can build a block-level datastore that imitates a locally-attached disk via iSCSI. Maintaining Network Attached Storage on BMR means you can secure your datastores locally via scheduled snapshots. Additionally, BMR NAS supports easy file sharing and collaboration.

  • Local
  • General

Create a network-accessible share on the BMR device

Host network shares on your BMR device and backup the data locally. You can also configure share access settings for collaboration.

  • Create a network share

    Create a network share

    Sign in to your BMR device interface, navigate to the 'NAS' tab, and click 'Create a new Share'.

  • Configure network share

    Configure network share

    Select a share type, configure the share settings, and schedule the local snapshots of the share.

  • Manage share access

    Manage share access

    Click 'Configure Share Settings'. In the 'Manage Share Access' section, set the access permissions and assign users.