What is Cloud Replication in IDrive BMR?

Cloud Replication is a feature from IDrive BMR that lets you transfer all your backed up data from the BMR device to the IDrive cloud account. It helps you to create a secondary repository of your backups, thereby, ensuring adequate safety and easy access to your data when needed.

Information about cloud storage usage, total number of clients backed up to the cloud, count of recent backups and insights about IDrive cloud retention policy are displayed in the 'Cloud Replication' tab. Moreover, you can view the cloud replication status of all your clients too. Client name, amount of data transferred to the cloud, backed up drives, date and time of the last backup, etc. are displayed in the 'Cloud Replication Status' section.

To view client-wise cloud replication status, click Browse Icon against the required client. Type of backup (Full/Incremental) and other information will be displayed too.

Create a secondary storage location

You can create a secondary storage of your data backed up from physical machines and VMware servers in a few simple steps:

  • Add your ESXi hosts and vCenter servers for backup

    Schedule Cloud Backup

    Under the 'Cloud Replication Settings' section, configure the backup schedule and click 'Save'.

  • Recover backed up VMs to the same or a different VM

    Monitor Backup Activities

    View the progress of your data backups to the cloud and other information.

Encryption at transit for secure data transfers

All your data transferred from the local BMR device to the IDrive cloud account is encrypted with 128-bit SSL. To facilitate faster and more efficient virtualization and recovery, there is no encryption at rest for IDrive cloud accounts. However, an optional file system encryption can be enabled upon request. Rest assured the servers that store BMR cloud data are well protected from intrusion and attacks.