Cloud Manage is currently not supported by IDrive® BMR version 7.0.0 and above.

Cloud Manage provides the ease and flexibility of managing the BMR devices from anywhere. The access to the device web interface is established via the IDrive BMR cloud portal, allowing connection from any external or internal network.Once connected, you can administer the device as well as manage all backup and restore operations.

Remotely access your BMR devices

  • Recover backed up VMs to the same or a different VM

    Sign in to the web client

    Sign in to with your BMR credentials. The 'All BMR Devices' tab displays a list of all your BMR devices. Click 'Connect' against the required device.

  • Add your ESXi hosts and vCenter servers for backup

    Remotely access BMR devices

    You can perform local backups, create restore points, configure device settings, monitor device health, view logs, and more.


  • The Cloud Manage feature is enabled by default for all the BMR users.
  • If the BMR device is purchased through a reseller, the reseller will have access to your BMR device with automatic login through the Partner Management feature.
  • In the case of BMR devices with firmware version 8.3.0 or older, access to the device web interface is established via a remote access window.