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How do I add Linux machines for backup?

To add Linux machines, ensure crontab, curl & tar packages are installed and follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your IDrive® 360 account.
  2. Click 'Add Devices’.
  3. In the 'Add Devices’ screen, go to the ‘Linux’ tab.
  4. Follow the steps appropriate for the Linux OS

CentOS / Fedora / openSUSE

  1. Download the .rpm package.
  2. Open the terminal.
  3. Run rpm -ivh IDrive360_<Deployment Code>.rpm

Ubuntu / Linux Mint

  1. Download the .deb package.
  2. Open the terminal.
  3. Run dpkg -i IDrive360_<Deployment Code>.deb

The Linux machine will appear in the ‘Devices’ tab.

Why am I unable to push some settings to my Linux machines?

The following settings cannot be applied on Linux endpoints:

  • Hide IDrive® 360 Tray
  • Stop the email notifications from IDrive desktop application
  • Stop scheduled backup when battery falls to 20 percent
  • Automatic power off after the completion of the scheduled jobs
  • Wake up the computer from Hibernate / Sleep mode
  • Open file Backup
  • Update / Reinstall IDrive 360 application for all users or particular groups
  • Bandwidth Throttle Auto-Pause
  • CPU Throttle

Note: Mass deployment is not supported for Linux.

How can I configure Proxy Settings to use IDrive® 360 application?

To configure proxy settings, run idrivemonitor command line utility and choose 'Proxy Settings' and then follow on screen instructions to set the proxy.