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How do I add Linux machines for backup?

To add Linux machines, ensure crontab, curl & tar packages are installed and follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your IDrive® 360 account.
  2. Click 'Add Devices’.
  3. In the 'Add Devices’ screen, go to the ‘Linux’ tab.
  4. Follow the steps appropriate for the Linux OS

CentOS / Fedora / openSUSE

  1. Download the .rpm package.
  2. Open the terminal and run the below command as an admin.
  3. Run rpm -ivh IDrive360_<Deployment Code>.rpm

Ubuntu / Linux Mint

  1. Download the .deb package.
  2. Open the terminal and run the below command as an admin.
  3. Run dpkg -i IDrive360_<Deployment Code>.deb

The Linux machine will appear in the ‘Devices’ tab.

Why am I unable to push some settings to my Linux machines?

The following settings cannot be applied on Linux endpoints:

  • Hide IDrive® 360 Tray
  • Stop the email notifications from IDrive® desktop application
  • Stop scheduled backup when battery falls to 20 percent
  • Automatic power off after the completion of the scheduled jobs
  • Wake up the computer from Hibernate / Sleep mode
  • Open file Backup
  • Update / Reinstall IDrive® 360 application for all users or particular groups
  • Bandwidth Throttle Auto-Pause
  • CPU Throttle

Note: Mass deployment is not supported for Linux.

How can I configure Proxy Settings to use the IDrive® 360 application?

To configure proxy settings, run idrivemonitor command line utility and choose 'Proxy Settings' and then follow on screen instructions to set the proxy.

Can I stop all the backups at once?

Yes, the 'Stop all Backups' option allows users to stop all the backups based on the timeframe set by the user.

Note: Enable 'Show Stop all Backups menu on IDrive® 360 tray' on IDrive 360 Settings page to display the option on the IDrive 360 tray.

What is Idrivemonitor in IDrive® 360 application?

The idrivemonitor is a command line utility that displays the IDrive 360 menu options as below:

Send Error Report: Contact support for queries, suggestions or feedback.

Check for latest version: To check and update to the new version of IDrive 360 application.

Proxy Settings: Configure the proxy settings to use the IDrive 360 application.

View Logs: Check the activity log reports of your operations.

Online Help: Read about the features and functionalities of the IDrive® 360 application.

Start/Restart IDrive 360® Service: Start or restart the IDrive® 360 service.

Start/Restart IDrive 360® Cron Service: Start or restart IDrive® 360 cron service.

Stop all backups: Stops all the backups for the selected timeframe.

Resume all backups: Resumes all the paused backups.

Quit: Exit from the idrivemonitor menu (On exiting menu, the ongoing backup/restore operations will continue and can be still managed from the Backup Console)

How to uninstall the IDrive® 360 application from Linux?

To uninstall the application from Debian based Linux OS (Ubuntu and LinuxMint), run the below command in the terminal:

dpkg --remove idrive360

To uninstall the application from RPM based Linux OS (Centos, Fedora, and Opensuse), run the below command in the terminal:

rpm -e idrive360

How to send queries and feedback using the IDrive® 360 application?

You can share your feedback and concerns using the 'Send Error Report' option for our technical support team to take action.

To send the error report,

  1. Right click the IDrive 360 tray icon and click Send Error Report.
  2. In the Send Error Report screen, enter your email address and contact number.
  3. Share your feedback/concerns in the Message text box.
  4. Click Send to share your message to our technical support team.