Does your disaster recovery plan protect sensitive information?

While selecting a disaster recovery plan for a business, security and privacy of data plays an important role. Storing complete backup records of all their electronic business transactions and maintaining confidentiality of sensitive user data is compulsory according to governing agency mandates. These industry-specific regulations to impose confidentiality, industry portability, and preservation of financial records is one of the motivating factors for many organizations to implement a data backup and recovery process.

IDrive® 360 can assist companies within the medical, accounting and legal professions to comply with the standards of HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC / FINRA, GDPR, and avoid paying fines for violations.

Security measures in IDrive® 360 which assists your organization meet the compliance mandate:

Encrypted storage

IDrive® 360 uses SSL protocols for secure communications and industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption for secure data transfer and storage.

IP-based authorization

Restrict logins to the web-based console from select IP address, range of addresses, or subnets.

Two-factor authentication

Verify logins with a one-time code sent to a registered email address, in addition to account password.

Single Sign-On

Enable users of the entire organization to sign in to IDrive® 360 using credentials created via an identity provider of your choice.

Easy accessibility of data

Access your data conveniently from anywhere with Internet connectivity. The encrypted data storage and time-stamped data access, prevents tampering, alterations, or unauthorized access.

Advanced data centers

IDrive® 360 is hosted in world-class data centers with various physical security measures, custom-designed raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, and seismically braced racks.

IDrive® 360 disaster recovery solution compliant with industry regulations


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, provides guidelines on administrative, physical and technical safeguards for patient data and records.


The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, insists on retention of electronic records, messaging and financial transactions.


This Act requires financial institutions to inform the consumers on how their data is shared and used.


Securities and Exchange Commission / Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, mandates secure archival of financial records and electronic communications.

PCI Compliance

Organizations that handle cardholder information must comply to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. IDrive does not store any credit card or financial data. We use third party vendors to store and manage cardholder data and conduct online transactions.

Many of the compliance items require usage of the optional private encryption key that is known only to the user and not stored on IDrive servers. Know more.

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