Onsite disk image backup and bare metal restore
solution with cloud replication

Create a copy of the entire hard drive including the operating system (OS) along with the system state and application configurations, in the form of a single Image file.

  • Maintain a ready–to–use Bare Metal Restore (BMR) capability with each file based backup.
  • Restore data using a pre-configured boot CD or USB drive.
  • Transfer/save the backups stored on your local IDrive BMR server, to the Cloud.

On-Premises backup with the flexibility to access and
manage data from anywhere

Scalable, high-performance on-site data protection and management for computers, without increasing IT workload.

  • Familiar interface exactly like IDrive Cloud Backup.
  • Manage backups, user accounts and more from anywhere via the Dashboard.
  • Backup your SQL/Exchange/VMware/Hyper-V/SharePoint/Oracle/System State/Office 365 Exchange Mailbox/Linux databases.
  • You can transfer and save the backups stored on your local IDrive server to the cloud.

Note: Currently IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) is available only for US customers.