A Familiar Interface

to Backup, Restore and Manage data from anywhere

IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) software is EXACTLY the same as the public cloud software you are already used to, so there is NOTHING new to learn. If you have used IDrive backup software, you already know the software for IDrive Vault (Private Cloud). Users and Admins can use private cloud exactly the same way as public cloud, with enhanced flexibility of managing data from absolutely anywhere.


and more reasons to use IDrive Vault (Private Cloud)...

Today, most businesses need to keep their data on-premises. For this, they require scalable, high-performance on-site data protection and management for computers, without increasing IT workload. This is where IDrive can assist businesses in keeping their data protected via IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) deployed on premises or on AWS.

Vault (Private Cloud) specifications


For IDrive Vault(Private Cloud) on premises

6 TB to 400 TB and can scale up to hundreds
of petabytes
The latest generation of multi-core Intel
Power Supply
Hot-swappable redundant power supplies
Network adaptor
1GbE and 10 GbE interfaces
Drive Bays
Up to 60 hot-swappable drive bays
Chassis configurations
1U, 2U and 4U high density storage
Standard 3 Year Limited Warranty
For IDrive Vault on Amazon Cloud


IDrive Client
  • Multiple Device Backup: Backup PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices into a single account.
  • Versioning: Restore up to 10 previous versions of backed up files from your account.
  • Real Time Backup: Automatically backs up file modifications at time intervals, set by you.
  • True Archiving: Helps to store your files in the cloud, as long as you want.
  • Server Backup: Backup all your servers without any downtime.
  • Disk Image Backup: Back up an entire drive by creating a complete copy of the original drive.
  • Create new user account
  • View the information about each user's storage utilization and the most recent backup
  • Make changes to backup sets and settings across all devices
  • Remotely install the client application


* Note:
- Currently IDrive Private Cloud is available only for US customers.
- The 50% offer is applicable for the first year only. For subsequent year, normal charges are applicable.