Setting up the Private Cloud


This guide is designed to help you in unboxing, installing and configuring your Private Cloud Server.

Before setting up Private Cloud server

Create Admin Account

Sign up for an IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) admin account from After you signup, the dashboard's setup page is displayed.

Provide Network Configuration and Shipping Details

Following information is required for the IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) setup:

Once you are done with the payment and setup, a purchase ticket will be created and IDrive team will configure the device and ship it to you.

Physical installation on your premises.

Unpacking and Inspecting

Upon receiving the shipment, unbox and inspect the Private Cloud server and other hardware for any physical damage that may have occurred during shipping.

Each Private Cloud shipment/package contains the following:

  1. IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) server
  2. Rack mounting kit
  3. Power cord(s)
  4. Product information guide
Installing into the Rack

Follow the racking guide from the below link to properly mount the Device.

private_cloud_server Rack mounting the server
Connecting Private Cloud to the Network

Connect Private Cloud server to the network as shown below:

ID Service Port Internal Port IP Address Protocol
1 2200 2200 192.168.x.x(local IP 1) TCP
2 8443 443 192.168.x.x(local IP 1) TCP
3 9443 443 192.168.x.x(local IP 2) TCP
Booting up your Private Cloud

Plug the power cords into power supply and power source. If it is a 2-4u chassis server, to provide redundancy, plug both power supplies into separate power sources. The system can operate with only one power connection, but there is no redundancy in this case.

Firewall Settings

To let Private Cloud operate properly in the network, following ports will be opened in Firewall settings.

Port Protocol Source Destination Description
25 TCP Private Cloud server Mail Server(s) SMTP services
2200 TCP IDrive inc Private Cloud server Remote SSH login by IDrive support for troubleshooting.
8443 TCP Clients Private Cloud server Backup traffic from internal and external workstations
9443 TCP Web Private Cloud server Web Access for backup user accounts and admin
2812 TCP Web Private Cloud server Remote and local monitoring of PC
Power on your Private Cloud

Turn on the power to the enclosure with the front panel power button. The Private Cloud server is ready to use.

Create Your Backup User Account

Once installation is complete, Private Cloud will be up and running. You can now create user accounts for backing up data.

Steps to add users:

  1. Log in to Admin account and go to 'Dashboard' tab.
  2. Click addUse, provide the details and click 'Add User'.

Download and install the IDrive application on the user's device and login with the newly created account. For more ways to add users, click here.

Access user accounts via web

You can access user accounts, manage backup/restore of data, configure application settings and view logs via web-console.

You can download and install the IDrive application to manage data. Also, you can access user accounts from