S3-compatible cloud storage

IDrive® e2 is a cloud object storage solution and an easy add-on to existing processes and solutions like backup, archiving, cloud replication, video surveillance systems, media production tools, and more. With the IDrive® e2 Reseller Program, you get to offer your customers fast and large volumes of cloud storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud storage solutions. Cheaper than AWS S3, IDrive® e2 has a free ingress and egress policy.

Program benefits

Enterprise-grade object storage

  • Meet the latest standards of data management with eleven 9s data durability, immutable storage, and storage policies
  • Offer petabytes of application, service, and workflow storage with quick uploads and downloads, accessible from a centralized web console
  • Optimize archival with no-tier storage
  • Reseller APIs: Integrate entire user management in any of your internal systems by using Reseller APIs such as create user, remove user, list users etc.

Migrate to a cost-effective storage

  • Make a lucrative switch from on-premise data storage to IDrive® e2 and eliminate handling and maintenance costs
  • Migrate data from other cloud providers to IDrive® e2 and eliminate additional charges on upload, download, or file deletion
  • Effortlessly pair with current S3 applications, data management tools, and gateways via S3 API integrations

idrive e2

15 regions across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia

Deliver high-performance storage with low latency via a distributed network of servers. Your customers can deploy applications, services, and critical databases closer to end-user regions and achieve seamless operations.

IDrive® e2 Compliance

HIPAA Compliance
GDPR Compliance
PCI Compliance
SOC 2 Type 2
FIPS Compliance
Data Center Security