IDrive® e2 Reseller APIs

Resellers can incorporate the high-performing and affordable IDrive® e2 cloud storage under their brand. The Reseller API's collection automates tasks essential to user management and storage access.

IDrive e2

Integrate end-to-end user management into your platform

Use the user management APIs to add and manage user accounts

Provision IDrive® e2 cloud storage for customers

Use the APIs to handle cloud storage, regions, and access keys

IDrive e2
IDrive e2

White label storage endpoint URLs

Resellers can use a custom web domain or URL to serve content to their end users. Partners can use a service URL such as (here partner-name refers to the name of the partner) as an alternative to the URL automatically assigned by IDrive® e2. The white labeling capability uses the CNAME functionality.

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To use a custom domain,

  1. Create an IDrive® e2 reseller account.
  2. Enable a region using the API.
  3. Use the API to add a CNAME record for your domain name server and point that to your IDrive® e2 region endpoint URL.