Help your business scale with IDrive® e2

Pay-as-you-use pricing for storage

Tier-less data storage for instant access

Easy-to-use user interface

Secure data storage with eleven 9s of data durability

Compliant with business and industry data regulations

A cloud storage solution, designed for developers

Web & Mobile App Development

Develop, manage, scale, and store web and mobile app data in real-time in the cloud.

e-Commerce Development

Deploy apps closer to end users to optimize app experience and support increasing customer base with scalable storage.

OTT Platforms

Seamlessly store and deliver bandwidth-intensive content around the globe with ease.

Live Streaming

Scale your live streaming videos with low latency and high-quality performance.

Gaming Platforms

Create greater user experiences by scaling and managing gaming resources on the cloud.

IoT-based Applications

Provide access to live and historical data from connected devices without compromising privacy and security.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Drive optimized performance by managing and storing your data models in the cloud.


Manage the ever-increasing data and offer easy access to healthcare organizations to make informed decisions and improve experiences.

E-learning Platforms

Offer seamless collaboration for a distributed workforce through cloud-based e-learning platforms for the ever-evolving training needs.