How do I use Kamatera Cloud with IDrive® e2?

Kamatera Cloud is a leading provider of enterprise-grade VMs, VPS, IaaS, and cloud services. IDrive® e2 storage data centers are located near the Kamatera Cloud data centers. This ensures that by combining Kamatera Cloud + IDrive® e2 you can set up a low-cost, high-performing, and secure compute + storage infrastructure.

Kamatera Cloud resources can be used to host storage, app servers, database servers, email servers, ERP applications, WordPress servers, and other applications that can be interfaced with IDrive® e2 storage. You can host your applications and websites on Kamatera Cloud and configure those applications to use IDrive® e2 storage using an S3 interface.

Kamatera Cloud data centers that are close to IDrive® e2 data centers

Kamatera Cloud Data center IDrive® e2 Data center Latency in milliseconds
Santa Clara San Jose 2
New York Virginia 7
Miami Miami 0.5
Chicago Chicago 0.8
Dallas Dallas 3
Toronto Montreal 8
London London 0.5
Frankfurt Frankfurt 0.8
Amsterdam Frankfurt 7

IDrive® e2 - Benefits and Offerings

  • 90% cheaper than AWS S3
  • No ingress and egress charges
  • No API transaction charges
  • Ransomware protection
  • Eleven 9s data durability
  • Multiple Edge locations
  • Deploy data closer to end users
  • Faster access and low latency
  • Immutable storage with object lock