Secure endpoint backup

Protect business-critical endpoints wherever they are and enable their remote recovery via the cloud. IDrive® 360 meets the remote backup needs of the modern workforce with the necessary security controls.

    Data breach, device theft, hardware malfunction - endpoints are vulnerable to data risks

  • According to a McAfee report, by 45% of all corporate data is held on endpoint devices that do not fall under the organization's security program.
  • In a report released by Verizon, Windows applications and Office documents are among the top filetypes used for malware attacks.
  • 69% of employer-owned desktops and 67% of laptops are most often reported compromised according to an OpenText study.
  • As reported by IBM in a study, 52% of data breaches involve a malicious attack and ransomware attacks cost an average of 4.44 million.
Starts at $29.50/Year $22.13 for first year (per computer)

* Note:

  • The pricing discount is valid for the first year of subscription. For subsequent years, the standard billing plan will be applicable.
  • For usage beyond the 2 TB quota per computer, there may be an overuse charge at the rate of $0.50/GB/month. Each computer added over the allocated number of licenses will be billed at $20/year.