24/7 data access and management via web-based console

Access, manage, and restore the stored data anytime and from anywhere via an easy-to-navigate web-based console. You can monitor cloud storage utilization, user and billing information, and do more - from a centralized console.


  • e2


    Upload and retrieve data; create and manage buckets that hold files; manage bucket access settings and account configurations.

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    User Management

    Create accounts for users within your account; organize and manage them; control their access permissions for using the IDriveĀ® e2 console.

  • e2


    Configure and manage your account settings, update profile and billing information; enable two-step verification for your account to ensure authorized logins.


Highly secured and durable object storage for business compliance

IDrive® e2 maintains eleven 9's of data durability. The self-healing infrastructure effortlessly manages disk or server failures by maintaining the 3 replicas of an object all the time to prevent data degradation. It also performs regular data redundancy and integrity verification to monitor the integrity of the stored data for seamless future retrievals.

IDrive® e2 - A Simplified infrastructure for reliable business scaling