How IDrive® Cloud reduces your storage costs?

Cloud Storage Service Storage Cost Download Cost ($/GB/Month)
IDrive® Cloud $69.50$6.95*

for 2 TB / Year

Wasabi $5.99 for 1 TB / Month $0.01  
Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage $0.005 for 1 GB / Month $0.01  
Amazon S3 Storage $0.023 for 1 GB / Month

(For first 50 TB)

Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage $0.018 for 1 GB / Month

(For first 50 TB)

Rackspace $0.105 for 1 GB / Month

(For first 1 TB)


Indicates a higher price. All prices have been sourced from product websites on 02-27-2020.

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How much does a subscription of IDrive® Cloud cost?

IDrive® Cloud charges only for what you store. You will be billed $69.50 for 2 TB storage every year charged at the beginning of your yearly billing cycle. Additional storage will be charged at $0.0059 per GB of data you store in a month charged every 30 day from the start of your billing cycle.

Why does IDrive® Cloud cost less compared to other S3 storage solutions?

IDrive Cloud's pricing model is pretty straight-forward. Pay only for what you store and there are no additional charges for egress** or API requests. Priced at $69.50 $6.95 for 2 TB the first year, IDrive® Cloud is one of the most affordable solutions available.

Will I have access to all IDrive® Cloud features during the free trial?

During the free trial, you can access all the features of IDrive Cloud – store up to 1 TB of data, retrieve data, add users and create S3 Access keys from the IDrive® Cloud Console. You can also use your existing S3 compatible applications to access your data stored in IDrive® Cloud.

Where can I view my billing information and invoices?

You can view and print the billing transactions and invoices from the 'Billing Information' section in the 'Settings' tab.

* The 90% offer is applicable for the first year only. For subsequent years regular pricing will apply.

** Egress is free upto twice the storage volume