Enterprise-ready solution for your business

Competitive Pricing

  • Pay-as-you-store pricing
  • Zero API call charges
  • No egress charges
    (upto twice the storage volume)

High Performing

  • Easy to set up; faster uploads and downloads
  • S3 compatible
  • Use with existing backup or file management system

Secure and Durable

  • Eleven 9’s of data durability
  • Data redundancy and integrity verification

IDrive® Cloud vs Amazon S3 Storage

Why IDrive® Cloud?
IDrive® Cloud
Amazon S3

$69.50$6.95*for 2 TB / First year

$0.0059 per additional GB/Month

S3 Standard Storage cost starts at $0.023 per GB forfirst 50 TB/Month+
Additional charges for data egress and API requests
No Egress
Egress is free upto twice the storage volume
Data transferred out is chargeable
Free API Request
Each API request is charged additionally based on request type and volume
Massive Scalability

Affordable, Highly Scalable Enterprise-class Storage

IDrive® Cloud costs you a fraction in comparison to most first-generation cloud storage services. Get reliable and secure storage infrastructure at our competitive prices.

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