How IDrive® e2 region end-points and access keys are different when compared to other S3 compatible storage providers

In general Amazon S3 or other S3 compatible storage providers maintain fixed region end-points and global access keys that works for all the regions, e.g.,,,, However in IDrive® e2, every user has their own unique region end-points and access keys specific to those region end-points.

Benefits of unique user region end-points and access keys

IDrive® e2 is the fastest S3 compatible storage in the market and we have designed this end-points system by considering performance and security reasons. The following section provides more details on the benefits of this design:

  • Avoid unnecessary internal network hops to locate the buckets which helps to reduce the latency and improve the performance.
  • Avoid HTTP level request parsing for each S3 call that introduces a delay in request processing.
  • Eliminate systemwide unique bucket name restrictions like other service providers. Hence, IDrive® e2 allows bucket creation with names that may exist for other users.
  • Prevent and avoid misuse of public buckets by users. If they obtain the region endpoint URLs of one public bucket through malicious/phishing techniques, then the unique endpoint URLs minimizes the risk as other public bucket users remain unaffected.
  • Get more controls and ACLs with region specific access keys.

Learn more about enabling the regions and creating access keys.