/n software S3 Drive

Access any S3 compatible service by mapping it as a local drive using /n software S3 Drive. Integrate IDrive® e2 with /n software S3 Drive by creating S3 Access Keys.

  1. Download S3 Drive from nsoftware and launch the application.
  2. Click New to open the S3 settings windows. Add IDrive® e2 as the storage provider by clicking .
  3. In the Provider Management pop-up, click New and enter IDrive® e2 as the provider.
  4. Enable storage endpoint for IDrive® e2 dashboard, copy the e2 storage endpoint URL present beside Endpoint Format, and click OK.
  5. Click New beside the region for IDrive® e2 provider to add a new region. Enter the region name and display name.
  6. Under the Provider dropdown, select IDrive® e2. Enter the Access Key, Secret Key, and Bucket Name obtained from your IDrive® e2 account.
  7. Click Test S3 Connection and once it is successful, click OK.
  8. Click Start to access the S3 Drive in the My computer section.