Cloud storage for businesses of all sizes

Set up IDrive e2 in a few simple steps and use it with several S3 compatible tools, APIs, or CLIs. Migrate data easily to the e2 storage that is built to handle developer workloads.

A cloud storage solution, designed for developers

Web & mobile app development

Develop, manage, scale, and store web and mobile app data in real-time in the cloud.

E-commerce development

Deploy apps closer to end-users to optimize app experience and support increasing customer base with scalable storage.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Integrate with CDN partners and push the stored files for quicker content delivery to the end-users.

OTT platforms

Seamlessly store and deliver bandwidth-intensive content around the globe with ease.

Live streaming

Scale your live streaming videos with low latency and high-quality performance.

Gaming platforms

Create greater user experiences by scaling and managing gaming resources on the cloud.

IoT-based applications

Provide access to live and historical data from connected devices without compromising privacy and security.

Artificial intelligence / Machine learning

Drive optimized performance by managing and storing your data models in the cloud.


Manage the ever-increasing data and offer easy access to healthcare organizations to make informed decisions and improve experiences.

E-learning platforms

Offer seamless collaboration for a distributed workforce through cloud-based e-learning platforms for the ever-evolving training needs.