SSD-based object storage

Object storage operations are primarily throughput bound. So, IDrive e2 takes full advantage of enterprise-grade SSD drives to improve the throughput and accelerate the overall performance of the object storage operations — taking object storage to the next level.

Faster data hosting speed with SSD cloud storage

SSDs offer faster data reads and writes when compared with traditional cloud storage drives, making them an ideal choice for storing and accessing large volumes of files quickly with high throughput. IDrive e2's SSD-enabled storage regions are most suitable for real-time applications, video surveillance, database file hosting, and high-performance computing workloads. You can use the SSD-enabled storage regions for optimal performance.

SSD cloud storage for maintaining data files

Gaming industry

SSD is a great choice for businesses in the gaming industry — it improves game loading times, reduces latency, and provides faster access to data.

Media and streaming

SSD is ideal for media, real-time data access, and server data storage due to its faster read and write speeds, lower latency, and high durability.

Business and SaaS files

Businesses that have programming or analytics-based data can speed up data processing and retrieval via SSD.