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Storage provider Storage
(First 10 GB Free)
(SSD Storage)
$0.023 $0.08
$0.021 $0.07
$0.023 $0.12

Yearly (Subscribe to yearly plans and save)

Storage Price
2 TB
5 TB

Straight-forward and tierless pricing

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Total data stored

1 TB1024 TB

Yearly data downloads

0 TB1024 TB
  • IDrive® e2
  • Azure
  • Amazon S3
  • Google cloud

How much does IDrive® e2 storage cost?

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How do I view my account storage and download statistics?

To view your account storage and download statistics go to 'Billing' > 'Billing Overview' and select a month. A bar graph will display your account's upload and download activities across the chosen month.

Where can I view my billing information and invoices?

To view your billing information, go to 'Billing' > 'Billing Overview' and select a month from the drop-down menu. Your invoices will be listed in the same section. Click next to an invoice to download the same.

Can I pay annually for my account?

To subscribe to a yearly plan, go to 'Billing' > 'Plan Options', select a plan based on your storage requirement, and update your payment information if needed. Click 'Subscribe' and complete the payment.

How do I update my credit card information?

Go to 'Billing' > 'Payment Settings'. In the 'Add new card' section, enter the new card number, expiry date, billing address, and CVC and click 'Add Card'. Your card will be added to the 'Saved cards' list.

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  • All prices have been collected from the product websites on 02-21-2022.
  • If you exceed account storage limit, there may be an overuse charge of $0.004/GB/Month. To avoid these charges, you may upgrade to higher storage plans.
  • * The pricing discount is valid for the first year. For subsequent years standard billing will apply.