On-premises object storage

IDrive® e2 provides an on-premises object storage solution that radically simplifies the ability to manage, store, and protect data. The appliance, or Software-defined Storage (SDS), allows S3/HTTP access to any application, device, or end user. When used in On-Premise, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud environments, the appliance ensures the rapidly scaling datasets are continuously protected and instantly accessible. It eliminates tedious storage management and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

AWS S3 API compatibility

100% compatible with AWS S3 APIs and ideal for a multi-cloud strategy. Also a drop-in replacement for local or cloud-based storage.

Data protection against hardware failure

Advanced erasure coding techniques ensure data protection against multiple drive failures, making it ideal for securing enterprise data.

High-performance object storage

Accelerate overall performance with GB/s throughput, ultra-low latency, and extensive enterprise-class object storage capabilities.

Quick and easy deployment

Anyone can manage IDrive® e2 appliance deployment; no Linux experience or deep storage administration expertise is required.

Bucket versioning

Restore older bucket versions from specific recovery points, in the case of malware attacks or overwrites/deletion.

Object lock

Configure objects as immutable for a defined duration and secure data against deletion/alteration.

Ransomware protection

Protect data against cyber threats using a combination of object lock, data versioning, and retention.


A single S3 namespace plus an intuitive user interface provides monitoring of data, storage, platform, and hardware.

Industry use cases of IDrive® e2 appliance


IDrive® e2 appliance is simple, powerful, and affordable backup storage for mid-enterprise Veeam customers with ransomware proof and immutability.

Veeam is pushing to make backups incredibly simple, fast, and reliable for customers. Veeam® Backup & Replication V12 offers direct-to-cloud object storage — users can set local appliance object storage as a primary target for their backups. This new approach provides IT admins with a simpler way to scale their data protection operations. It employs the advantages of immutability to ensure their data is secure from any threat.

Edge applications

With data processing and storage capabilities closer to the source, the IDrive® e2 appliance is ideal for edge applications that require super-low latency for data storage and access.

Media & entertainment

The IDrive® e2 appliance is an excellent choice for content-focused platforms that require secure, real-time data storage and retrieval. It is particularly suitable for media and entertainment companies looking to switch from tape to more functional and financially feasible storage options.

High-performance computing

Streamline the collaboration and accelerate time to discovery using the appliance's computing power. Identify problems early and reach solutions faster with a discovery-driven approach.


The IDrive® e2 appliance offers a perfect solution for government agencies seeking to secure data storage and retrieval. The appliance meets federal regulatory mandates for data storage. With its advanced data integrity checks and automated healing, the appliance guarantees the protection and durability of sensitive data. Additionally, its efficient erasure coding technology ensures reliable data protection against failures and data breaches.

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