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Get Region Endpoint

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API to get user region endpoint against the Access Key details:

Method: POST
URL: https://api.idrivee2.com/api/service/get_region_end_point
Content type: application/json
Required parameter: 
body: {
“access_key” : “ZGFsbGFza2V5L4IjxocC

Note: “access_key” is a required parameter and therefore, cannot be empty or null.

Response: API will return HTTP 200 response. Inside API response body resp_code will show further success/failure response

1- In case of access key is valid and exists resp_code will be 0 and domain_name will be a part of the response
2- In case of access key is invalid/empty/null resp_code < 0 would come 


Given below are example screenshots from Postman for reference.



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