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Getting Started

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What is object storage?

Object storage is a flat model of storing data i.e., there is no hierarchy (directory tree) in the stored items, as is seen in other data storage methods. Each object possesses a unique metadata which is used to identify and retrieve that object. This flat model along with a highly distributed architecture makes object storage an ideal and cost-effective solution for large scale data storage.

About IDrive® e2?

IDrive® e2 is a S3 compatible, highly available, distributed object storage platform which can handle from a few terabytes to hundreds of petabytes of unstructured data. 


  • IDrive® e2 offers eleven 9’s of data durability which is achieved via 3x replication and data redundancy.
  • The storage is agnostic to HDD/node failure which ensures reliability and data redundancy.
  • Data stored can be accessed via S3 APIs or clients supporting S3 APIs. OpenStack Swift APIs can also be used to access data.
  • A fully distributed, API-accessible storage platform provides hassle-free integration into applications. The platform can also be used for data backup, archiving, and data retention.

How to use IDrive® e2

In order to use IDrive® e2, first you should create an account. After signing up and successful verification of your account, you can login using your credentials and perform operations like creating a bucket, uploading objects inside a bucket, etc.

To access IDrive® e2 using S3 APIs, you have to generate Access key ID and Secret  Access key. This can be done from the Access Keys tab.

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